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Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Things!

As some of you may know, L and I are now dating! Well kinda. We spend most weekends together, play with each other's hair, and own a spoiled dog together.
So Friday night I was telling L how this expert in couples therapy conducted a study: he took 100 couples and divided them into two groups. In group 1 he told them to just keep doing what they normally do, and in group 2 he said try something new each week together. It can be something simple like try a new coffee shop or something bigger like go rock climbing for the first time. Group 2 showed an increase in overall happiness by about 20% after 6 weeks of trying this, and group 1 stayed the same.
So we decided who needs a relationship to try new things?! And so this is what we did on Saturday:

We all hiked in our backpacks!! I bought Sally-kins a backpack, so now she carries her own water and food, and looks like an expert hiking dog! (which she is not at all). We hiked around Lake Thunderbird for about 2 hours together.

 Then we walked around the lake a bit, and found this abandoned car in the forest. We ate our snacks with our feet dangling over a little ridge.

Then after the hike, we left an exhausted Sally to sleep in the car, and I had my first swirl! Yummers.

And on a different note, Sally tried something new this weekend too. Popcorn dinner!

So, they are simple new things, but it was a great Saturday. And our goal is to do a new thing together each week. Ideas?!?


  1. Hahaha, you said do not read old blogs and so I read all of them.

    How about you lovers take a bubble bath? shave each others legs? Compose poems about how much you love each other?
    Take pictures of Sal sitting on things... oh wait...

  2. hahah T - love that comment.

    I LOVE THIS BLOG POST! hahaha it's perfect. And those photos are to die for - facebook that shit.

    I can't wait for so many more "one new thing"s!

  3. hahaha i love sally's backpack! and i hate to tell you but this sounds very one-sided to me. "oh hey let's try something new every weekend, oh what's the L, you go backpacking all the time?! ya lets try that new thing!!"

    and your first swirl? that's crazy talk

    my idea for your new activity this weekend is scissoring

    1. Great suggestion brad!!

      Hahaha and it's new cuz we have not been hiking together! And Sally has a backpack which is new, gosh!!!

  4. Scissoring! That is a perfect suggestion, Brad! Add it to the list!
    Along with shaving your heads and doing a beauty contest.